Document Naming Series with company abbreviation

I need a setup Journal Entry series for the company wise. I get {company} but it gives the company’s full name I need the company abbreviation (filed name - abbr) to add that document naming series.

eg : ACC-ELC-JV-2023-0001 → (ELC is an abbreviation of e-Learning Centre)


Hi @Dilum_Chaminda,

Please follow the step and check it.

  1. First create a custom field of abbr in Journal Entry. Then fetch from the value set in customize form of a Journal Entry.

  1. Go to the Document Naming Setting and set it and update your series according.

  1. Then create a Journal Entry and check it.

I hope this helps.
Thank You!


This is my condition to apply JV, please look it.

I Hope this help


Hi @NCP ,
Yes, It is working Thanks a lot for your Help.
I have another problem with using this I need separate number series for each company. That means each company voucher series start with 1 like that.

but the above series is not displayed in the Prefix list in Update Series Counter


First update it and then reload and check it.

If not worked then use Document Naming Rule.

I hope this helps.

Hi @pra17shant ,
Thanks a lot for your Help.
can I use
2 - Voucher_type
3 - =
4 - Cash Entry
5 - ACC-.{abbr}.-JV-CSH-.YYYY.-
these figures are for Document Naming Rule. {abbr} is a customer filed for company abbreviation.

@Dilum_Chaminda Yes…! You can do it if you adjust custom filed and capture {abbr} value in particular DOCTYPE as per @NCP post.

And add second row in “condition child table” and compare bot statement Voucher Type & Your Custom Field is true, then generate your prefix string.


I have an issue with the Document Naming customized number series like that ACC-.{abbr}.-JV-.YYYY.- not appear in the update series counter section in the Document Naming Setting window. If I need to change the number range how can I do the changes? Please help me to overcome this issue.

The document naming Rule is not working. Can you guide it?