Document Revisions


We often maintain a revision history for our documents. So an amended document with a -1 is treated as revision 1 and so on. Is there a way to see which field has changed from the original document?

So, for a long document, if only one or two fields have changed in the revised document, the user’s attention is immediately drawn to the revised fields only without having to go through the entire form again.


There are 3 types of revision history I can think of.

  1. Cancel - Amend : this is what you are currently doing.
  2. Track Changes : since v8 there is a check box on DocTypes which show changes in timeline, this can be enabled via Customize Form or DocType Form
  3. Version Doctype : frappe.add_version(doc) adds json dump of doc as an entry into Version Doctype. Any version can also be restored.

Right now timeline view is only available for doctypes with Track Changes

For now, Custom Dialog with HTML or a HTML Field to render the history can be added for Cancel-Amend or Version based revisions

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Hi @revant_one,

Thanks for the reply. Track changes would be great but I believe it won’t work for a ‘Submittable’ document. Will check if the other options help with this.


Could you please let me know how to get the Track Changes in variable in order to use in Print Format?


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Is there a way to revert to previous revision of a document?