Document Scanner Integration with ERPNext

Hello Community

I am looking to integrate a scanner with ERPNext in the same way as a camera is integrated. The use case is to scan and store documents in a doctype. To make the requirement clearer, there are multiple documents with multiple pages (up to 50 each) to be scanned and stored each day.

Just wondering if anyone has done it before and can advise the best way to do it. If I can get a generic solution that would be good, otherwise any scanner-specific solution will also work for us as scanning and storing documents is a hard requirement.

Would appreciate any relevant inputs.

I use an iPad. Use Scanner Pro to make the scan (Scanner Pro can also do OCR on the scan), and then use split screen to drag and drop the scanned pdf document from iPad to an ERPNext Document as File Attachment. I wish ERPNext would better integrate with scanning functionalities on phones as opposed to just taking a picture.

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