Document showing outstanding amount based on Sales Order

Hello, we have practice for demanding payment but it’s different than making a payment request.
We are into b2b business and so our customers keep on giving multiple orders, most of the time, they make payment not based on sales orders, but a general amount based on total outstanding or even advance payment. All items mentioned in sales orders are not delivered at the same time, but specific items from multiple orders are delivered.

Now the issue we are facing right now is that we are not able to generate a payment requesting document where we can add items from multiple sales orders and show advance payments and deduct that amount to generate an outstanding amount for those items.

In our old Erp software, we have a Proforma Invoice, where we were able to do it.

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Hi MonD,

I think you will need to create a custom report that can help you do this. ERPNext has a “Match Payments with Invoices” feature and you are talking about something similar but also includes Sales Orders and line item level reconciliation.

Or you can keep it simple and look at it at the Sales Invoice + Sales Orders that are not Invoiced .

Isn’t it sufficient if you provide your client a summary report that goes:

Opening Balances:

Accounts Receivable
Pending Sales Orders

Closing Balances:

Accounts Receivable
Pending Sales Orders

Uncovered Amount

The Uncovered Amount is your exposure, the Accounts Receivable Balance is your customer’s exposure (in case of Accounts Receivable Balance being a Credit Balance) and the Pending Sales Orders versus Pending Sales Orders will give you whether your exposure is growing, shrinking or staying steady. If the Uncovered Amount is a negative value, it means that the customer has paid you for more than what they owe you + all the pending sales orders.

Hope this helps.