Document Signing Module

I am comparing ERP Next to another ERP(Odoo). The other ERP has an Electronic Signature Module. Does ERP Next have anything similar? If not is there anything in the works for this type of module?

You can customize any document within ERPNext with a signature field.

Check it out.

Can you point me to some documentation?

@H_N probably meant this feature: [New Control] [Contribution] Signature
Are you searching for the same or for a cryptographic digital signatures?

I need to generate a unique esign document from a template through the ERPnext API. I dont need cryptographic signatures yet, even though that would be a great addition. When an opportunity reached a certain stage in the CRM I want to send a link to a unique document to the somebody outside of my organization for signing. They would find this document embedded somewhere on my site and then sign it. After signing they would be directed elsewhere to continue or user experience. Is this possible within ERPnext?