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hi all,
We have been using erpnext in our organisation, which works well for what we need.
All our activities are organised under projects. We are looking to integrate ERPNext further into our operation by adding documentation and reporting for the project.

I am looking at ways to save time by creating templates for. Each template has a different text content populated in the Text field to help with enforcing the minimum details required.
For example, our projects often require a site visit. Site visits can be for different reasons, such as pre-sales, maintenance, warranty support, etc. Each will have a different style and minimum information required.

Would appreciate any help and ideas pointing me in the right direction.


You can create a template like Email template or Terms and Conditions and link it to the project. Whenever the user selects that template, the custom field will be set where you want to set its details. Something like this could be a scenario.

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thanks for your reply. A template similar to email or terms and conditions as you mentioned, would be exactly what we need.
How do I integrate one into a form like Site Visit? can you explain the steps?
thank you very much for your time.

Just like the terms and conditions are linked to the sales order or sales invoice, you have to link them as per your scenario. So you have to see the basic flow and then develop.

This worked for me. Thanks @NCP .