Document Work Flow with users who performed Action on that document

In ERPNext, can we print the users at the bottom of page who performed actions on the document?

Like, Created, Level 1, Level 2,…etc

anyone achieved this functionality please share his experience.


All the information regarding the Actions going into communication table. how we can fetch all the communication related to purchase order in print format?

Can we use frappe.db.get_list in Print format.

i tried
{{ frappe.db.get_list(“Communication”, filters={“reference_name”:}, fields = [‘user’]) }} but it dosent work.

Have you tried Workflows ?

Yes and Workflows are working fine. only challenge is, need to show the name of users on print format who performed actions on this document.

{{ frappe.get_list(“Communication”, filters={“reference_name”:}, fields = [‘user’]) }}

Got it Working. its frappe.get_list(

Hello @adnan

This is not working for me, how did you get it to work?

are you getting any error message? i can help if you can post your code here.