Documentation, Commit


I made changes to the documentation here:

But it doesnt show up here:

It looks like I have comitted it. What am I doing wrong? Previously I was doing PR. But I was given access to comitt directly. Thanks for your help.

Hi Not_a_countant

Your changes did roll out to prod it appears… after your commit perhaps some other (manual or batch?) process occurs before they land on the website.

Myself I can’t find the whereabouts of the current API doc references for erpnext and frappe that apparently have moved - these example ‘old’ links are now 404 not found:

rmehta notes here this Link Not Found - Can any one tell me where can i find docs of erpnext - #5 by rmehta

Near as I can tell this is the general repos for docs frappe_io/frappe_io at master · frappe/frappe_io · GitHub

My question where is the base url now, that used to be here

Pointers to clarify this would be most welcome!

Any luck finding that?

No. My guess is perhaps Frappe found maintaining such doc was not vale la pena. The idea that the code is the doc for those prepared to dig into it…

The usual thing is code annotations from which API docs are generated, no?

There’s this from @revant_one which is spectacular: erpnext-whitelisted-endpoints

But anyone wanting a quick reference to the meaning of each function argument si basically s.o.o.l.

I’m actually looking for the arguments to frappe.sendmail, but that function does not appear anywhere on those listings. Where the hell is it?

@MartinHBramwell You can find it here. Line 435


Thanks! I was actually able to find it with :

erpdev@erpdev:~/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe$ grep -R "def sendmail"

I seem to have been complaining too loudly. My Sublime Text 3 was showing that exact reference every time I scrolled over the call to sendmail, but I did not notice.

In my defence … as a n00B at Frappe coding … following Mehta and Doshi developer training videos 2015, it’s really anxiety inducing for them to show a documentation page that no longer exists and that Google can’t find even when one provides a dozen key words from the page.

I see that the method is annotated after all. What tool is expected to be used to generate docs from those annotations?