[Documentation Proposal] ERPNext Mind Map

ERPNext is a powerful tool, however it is very hard to understand it, I mean, understand how the document flow works to design a process inside a company.

For example:
We, as a service provider sell services and implementations. When we have new clients the process is sales to projects.
When one of our customers makes a “service request”, which in erpnext we already deal as a project so we can manage it, that is too big or complex we need to make a quotation for that request. And we stop calling it as service request and start calling it project.
So the flow is becomes project to sales.

The best thing is that erpnext allows me to do so (at least I believe so). Right now I am drawing a mindmap that correlates the erpnext documents (figure bellow). (I am focusing on the purchase, sales and project relationship)

But my knowledge of erpnext is limited of course, so I decided to share this document because:
1 - Maybe someone already did it and I am doing an unnecessary rework
2 - We can build a better document if we work together, each one contributing in what we can.
3 - When implement ERPNext is always better try execute the processes as the ERP wants it, not the way that the company wants. The wholly point of using an ERP is management and just “digitalize” spreadsheet doesn’t accomplish anything.
4 - As I am struggling to unravel the “flow” of erpnext other people may also have the same problem.

I am using draw.io to build this flowchart so I can share the file.


We also have

Source: Erpnext Tutorials: Flow Chart Of Transactions In ERPNext

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