Documentation update on Frappe Charts


I want to use Frappe Charts but the lack of documentation makes it very difficult for me to use it.
Is there any documentation. I tried to get code samples from sources but still, it is very difficult to read sometimes. I want to switch from Chart.js to frappe charts .

Will there be any good documentation in the future?


Try contributing to the docs. @pratu16x7 is the sole contributor and it’s equally very difficult for her to get the latest fixes out!

I think the beauty behind charts is it’s simple yet powerful API. You can refer the latest configurations out here at

It has pretty much everything for you to get started.

If I’d know anything how to build the graph I would gladly contribute. But the issue is that only know as much as it is there.

For example, how to implement Charts in the This is not given as tutorial.

Again read the documentation. Charts is a simple plug-and-play! Here’s the hint - Charts has a DOM mount, have it attached to your Page wrapper maybe? :wink: