Documents Linking after Submissions

I have 2 scenarios and they’re both about documents linking:

  1. Let’s say someone went through the purchasing process: Material Request, Request for Quotation, Supplier Quote, Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Invoice and Payment. The PO is completed. However, the user realized that the PO was not linked to the Sales Order he previously created. Is there a way to link documents after submitting them?

  2. One of the users also went through the purchasing process, after creating the PO, he realized that he made a mistake in the Supplier Quote and added the wrong quantity. He then cancelled the supplier quote and amended it. Now the issue we found is that the new (amended) supplier quote was not linked to the original Material Request. How do we link them? Is there a better way to edit documents after submissions if this happened again?

I am also looking for the same solution

Sometimes we need to link the Sales order to the purchase order after purchasing the material but there is no option to relink the submitted document