Does anybody have a Chart of Accounts with Numbers for China?

Continuing the discussion from ERPnext for China location:

I am about to create an ERPNext instance for a company located in China and am wondering whether anyone has a good Chart of Accounts (ideally in English or bi-lingual) for China and would be willing to share this.

I have an Execel Sheet on a Chinese CoA in Englich & Chinese but am struggeling with the numbering to bee very odd (expense accounts in different number ranges (4…, 5…) and how to make this suitable to the ERPNext internal logic regarding account type.

@strixaluco: Are u using the Accounting and, if so, how have you tackled the CoA? (sorry I am aware it’s not 100% according the forum etiquette to tag someone in this way on a new Topic. I hope you don’t mind anyway)

I’m sorry to say that we are stuck with implementation process and we don’t use Accounting yet. No worries about tagging :slight_smile:
Now I have to apologize in advance for the same, but @szufisher probably might have some insight about Chinese CoA.

noted, thx for connecting