Does anybody use "Default Supplier" successfully?

I feel the “Default Supplier” that can be assigned to an item does not do what it should.

I’d expect that once you have set up a default supplier this should at least auto-select the Supplier in a Purchase Order/Invoice once you have created it from within the Item or a Material request.

However this does not work (tested in v11, v12). Am I doing something terribly wrong or have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the purpose of the Default Supplier is supposed to do?

I have created an issue on this here if you believe this is a bug please give your thumbs up on the issue and likewise add urgency to it.

When you start a Purchase Order, Supplier field is / needs populated first before you scroll down to items. Not sure if you select items, whether goal was to reverse populate supplier in PO.

Default supplier functionality is for automatic Material Request?

I don’t think so. The Material Request (automated or manual) is an internal request for setting up a purchase or manufacturing process to get items you need into your warehouse in one way or another. It does not have any Supplier with it to begin with.

Only once you create a PO/RFQ/PINV from a Material Request a Supplier comes into the picture.
So, I still believe this is a bug. If you agree, please give a thumbs up on the Github issue (the emoticon section on the upper right of the original comment)

@vrms - sorry my bad - I agree with you that MR does not have supplier. I went back to the Manual as I recalled reading that an automatic PO can be created from an MR - if the item has a default supplier. The current manual also states the same:

Purchase Order - Step 2 Line 1

Agree with your finding.