Does anyone use the project management features?

We have different businesses trying to use ERPNext and it is not a small challenge. Sometimes it seems like users are not part of the inner circle so “silly user perspectives” are overlooked.

I am curious if there is a service provider that is using the Project Management tool in a large scale enterprise way?

We would like to learn any best practices for starting, viewing and reporting projects and tasks.

Some of our company team members refuse to use the ERP and goto Trello or other alternatives, but we would prefer to bring everything under one roof.

That said, the basic functionality will need enhancements. The amount of errors and broken work flow is not ideal and it’s hard to convince clients that the effort is worth it to suffer when they can go use “FREE” project specialization software that is more graphical.

Of course I know the entreprise value that comes from getting all of the hooks in the project and tracking the results/costs/etc… so I love ERP as a concept. We just need it to work for the end user.

We have talked about in the past and will support investment in those enhacements for the community, but we need some strong developer/user cases to drive forward a concept like this and we believe the User Experience needs to be weighed into the equation.

If you are a heavy project user in ERPNext or a developer with deep experience in the project management we may have some work we can collaborate on.

Let me know.

We’ve a client using ERPNext project management system to manage more than 100 field staffs.

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Do they use any automation? (workflows, auto create projects when a new sale is made, etc…?)

No, They’re not using any automated activities

I am new to the community and just getting setup. With that being said we are looking at using the project management module or multi phase land development and real estate construction for a niche industry. In the past we had used UDA estimation and construction management and email along with our custom written ERP that had much less capabilities at its core. I would be curious to speak with you and see what features you are needing and if we have similar needs then I would help bring our developers in to work with you on this aspect.

Let me know if you are interested.