Does company also have to be a customer in order to see internal projects?

Thanks for looking. So I have a service-oriented engineering company I am building this for, and they have about 2000 current projects being billed for external customers, and about 2 dozen internal projects. When I try and add a timesheet for internal designated projects, it does not see the projects I uploaded with data import. So the ‘customer’ is technically the same as the ‘company’ as far as ERPnext is concerned, or how do i go about setting up projects so that some can be billed to the company, while the external projects are billed to the individual customer accounts?

I did designate the external projects as such and the internal projects accordingly, thinking ERPnext would then designate the internal projects as being billed to the company, as a customer. When I go to add timesheet and enter the project name, it only tries to make a new project and does not see the projects I have uploaded…

When I try and add timesheet it does not see the projects I have uploaded, nor does it render a searchable drop-down to choose from multiple projects…

@BDCerp I did understand your issue but could you please share some screenshots for the same, so that I could help you exactly on the issue.

Hello Siddharth and thanks for looking! So basically, when the name of our company IS NOT populated in the Company field in the timesheet, all of our projects show up in the Project search box:

But when I populate the company, no projects appear, only the option to create a new project … if you do, it errors because there is a duplicate. So I have internal projects and external projects … we are a service company only, no products so people work on an engineering project and a survey project, and maybe then on a project which is internal for our company … I need the projects to pop up in the Project box when you add a row to the timesheet so the engineers can select the project by its number and name

I have not added our company as a customer - is that what I need to do? When I remove our main company name from the Company field at top of timesheet, it behaves as expected, and all the projects show in a dropdown as pictured, but I am worried this will not bill correctly (I am just starting to build that part in). I need to show the hours accruing toward the individual project (associated with many different customers), but the hourly timesheet charges should be directed to our internal company pay check system (current Quickbooks but we are trying to integrate this with ERPnext) as well as toward the individual project for billing the client. I am pretty new to ERPnext so maybe I am just doing something obviously wrong here

According to me only reason this is happening is because there is no projects under the company name, to verify this please do refer the screenshot and verify the same in your setup>company list>(–your company–)>dashboard->project.(all your projects should be present here to be displayed in timesheet when you select your company ).

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Thanks for looking at this! So I do not see any projects in there, except the one I created messing around for testing!

This and I have several thousand imported and showing in the projects. I think I neglected the ‘company’ column when I was importing … I am trying it now that way

Thanks for your help! Your direction pointed me in the right direction to correct my error! I left out the ‘Company’ column in my import - it shows up now!

Thanks Siddharth - just having someone more experienced here to look it over is very helpful to pointing me to my errors!