Does ERPNext contain desk, HR, Healthcare etc?

Is Frappe Desk part of ERPNext ?
If I install all apps of ERPNext then does it include desk too ? Or are the Products under frappeverse separate ?

Nope. You have to install separately.

So we have to do :

bench get-app desk

Then what does

bench get-app --branch version-14 erpnext

do ?

frappe is the framework, and the apps are like desk and hrm etc. Then whats erpnext alone ?

Frappe is the framework. Over this you can install apps.

Until v14, ERPNext used to be a “monolite”, with all modules “inside”.

Now, ERPNext contains “main” ERP modules (accounts, sales, stock …) . “Satellite” things like HRMS, Payments, Healthcare, must be installed over ERPNext as apps. But there are many apps “outside” ERPNext like FrappeDesk, Gameplan … that just only needs frappe to get working.

This video will help you to understand it.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks - though this would’ve been a more apt video for absolute starters - Version 14 - ERPNext and Frappe Framework - YouTube

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Maybe :slight_smile: Welcome, and enjoy!