Does Erpnext have a framework specific way to send api calls to 3rd pary APIs

Going through the section of APIs within the docs only discusses making API calls to erpnext from other apps. This has me assuming that this is an area for free implementation of this basically there is no framework-specific way to implement this

Bit confused by the title and content.

From other services to ERPNext - Use any request library. Like fetch/axios for JS. requests for python. There’s no specific requirement.

From ERPNext to outside services - again, use anything. requests is by far the most popular library.

If you use python, FrappeClient (a client library for accesing APIs) is bundled inside frappe package itself.

There’s an outdated version of this in separate lib: GitHub - frappe/frappe-client: Python library to use Frappe API (I shall update this SOON[tm])

There are a few more here: GitHub - gavindsouza/awesome-frappe: A curated list of awesome things related to the Frappe Framework

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Check this if it helps

Hi Ankush,
I had a further inquiry on using erpnext’s REST API. within the docs here there is no allocation for registration. Any ideas on the endpoint for this

@Jordan_Rob you can signup using frappe.core.doctype.user.user.sign_up

Verification has to be manual though.