Does erpnext have categories and have shopping cart on website?

1 may customer order our product form website ?
2 does it have categories of product on our website ?
3 does it have shopping cart and show price on our websit ?


4 may we know some website use nexterp and show product on that website ?

@noktualek yes, ERPNext have both things!

Categories you can manage in the Item, in the Section WebSite, and in the WebSite Module > Settings, you can enable the shopping cart

Now i can enable shopping cart from this

But when i select product on website it show error “Error: Value missing for: Territory” how can i solve this problem ?


Make sure you specify the territory for the customer group you have indicated in the settings of your shopping cart.

from this i select all territory.

I try to create new categories but i can’t create
for example i want to take “coke” to category “Drinking” how can i do it ^^

@noktualek do you need add a role to you that have permission to create Item Groups!

Check the Permission Role Manager; in Setup module.

@max_morais_dmm check the Product item tree in Stock > Settings

1 which one i check
2 how to save my chang
3 after finish how i create new group

thank for you help

Check “Write”

Changes are saved when you click them.

However, you cannot create a new item group from the select list. In the awesome bar type “Open Item Group Tree”, you can add them there.

@noktualek “Write” and “Create”