Does ERPNext support multiple incoming email addresses?


Suppose I run a fashion e-commerce business called “Myfashion Company Ltd” with different websites to cater to different audiences like (for USA), (for India), ( for UK) and use same ERPNext next backend to fulfill orders. Is it possible to make all the support tickets to come into that single ERPNext backend?.

For example, is it possible to make support emails sent to,, forwarded to single ERPNext instance and a ticket should be automatically created and ticket number should go to customer automatically from the same email id for which customer sent support request.

I can’t confirm from my own experience. But the attached screenshot illustrates that each email account can have its own distinct domain. So a single instance should be able to support the multiple separate email domain case you seek.

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Thanks for the response @clarkej. Will take a demo soon to check this.

If anyone else have already done this, please let me know if this feature works flawlessly or some tweaks are needed.