Does ERPNext support this business flow?

I’m selling products to e-commerce platform including my own site and offline sale. So I’m looking for something that support my business process

  1. I buy items from suppliers overseas, I need to input who is the supplier, what’s the exchange rate, shipment cost, cbm calculation (optional), etc.

  2. When the items arrived, I will put each of the SKUs (item with Serial Number / Barcode will need to be scanned one by one).

  3. When I got an order (whether it’s from ecommerce, my own site, phone call, whatever), I (or my employee) will input the order (selling price, SKUs, from which platform, etc). It’d also be great if the software support bulk insert because some of the platform I’m selling provide an API, so I could write a simple program to pull all the orders and bulk insert into the system without having to manually do it one by one.

  4. The orders that I just put will show in my other employee screen and she will pack the items accordingly, here’s the important part. I need my employee to scan the barcode of the items she packed, and it has to match the SKU and Serial Number/ Barcode from step 2. And some of the items doesn’t have barcode/serial number, in this case, my employee doesn’t have to scan. But for SKUs with serial number, barcode scan is mandatory and my employee shouldn’t be able to process the order without scanning. After an order is processed, my employee will mark the order as processed/packed/whatever.

  5. I will ship all the “packed” order and I will put in the tracking number, after that an order is marked as “sold”. Currently I ship the items myself, but in the future, I might hire a driver to do it for me, so a separation of account would be great.

Anyone know if ERPNext support these?

yes,almost out of box

May I know which modules are being used to achieve this? Can you point me to the right direction? :wink:

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Yes I do know how to read docs, but since this is the first time for me to use an ERP, it seems like I won’t need all of the modules, that’s why I’m asking for the right direction which modules should I be looking into.

ERPNext is a a monolithic software that can be extended with custom functions, no need to install different modules, they come integrated (that’s the design principle: “Batteries included”). You just pick your business type to hide options you won’t need. In your case you want to choose “Distribution”.

There will be some customizations and training necessary though. But what you describe is all standard functions of ERPNext.
IMO you could consider hiring an ERPNext consultant, you’ll have less headache.