Does ERPNext support VoltDB (The In Memory Database)


We have a requirement to Install ERPNEXT with VoltDB (replacing MariaDB)

In this forum, I would like to ask all the experts is this setup possible ? If yes, how it can be achieved?


It might be that 90% of the people will Google voltdb. :rofl: I am hearing it for the first time. What is the use case?

VoltDB is an In Memory database, in similar line to SAP HANA database.

Where data can reside in Memory and can be access faster as compared to accessing from DB.

Consider an SAP system running on HANA database, our use case is to replace SAP with ERPNext and HANA with VoltDB.

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Do you really need everything to be in mem? I mean it’s a nice case. I wonder if there are open source in mem options.