Does ERPNext ver14 work on LimuxMint 21.1(Ubuntu20.04)?


I am a newvie to ERPNext.
Does ERPNext ver14 work on LimuxMint 21.1(Ubuntu20.04) ?

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I have two systems of LinuxMint and Raspberry PI(Pi-OS 64bit).
I am goint to do ERPNext on my system.
Which is better for ERPNext to do.


ERPNext will work on Ubuntu Based System (Linux Mint in your case).


Divyesh Mangroliya

Linux Mint 21 is ~ubuntu 20 as you pointed out…just make sure that the python version is 3.10+

ERPNext version 14 is compatible with Linux Mint 21.1 (based on Ubuntu 20.04). Linux Mint is derived from Ubuntu, so software compatibility between the two distributions is generally high.

As for your Raspberry Pi running Pi-OS 64-bit, ERPNext is not officially supported on ARM-based systems like the Raspberry Pi. ERPNext is primarily designed to run on x86-based architectures, such as Intel and AMD processors. While it might be possible to run ERPNext on a Raspberry Pi with some customization and effort, it may not offer optimal performance or stability.

Considering the hardware limitations and compatibility concerns, it is recommended to use a standard x86-based system running Linux Mint 21.1 (Ubuntu 20.04) for better compatibility and performance with ERPNext.

Thanks for you and everybody.

It was nice to know ERPNext works on Linux Mint21.