Does frappe/erpnext have a public roadmap?

Hello everyone,

I looked through github and the forum and did not find anything, besides some old topics regarding a roadmap.

Does frappe/erpnext have a public roadmap?

João Correia

With frappe conference coming up, the topic of roadmap comes to life again. @rmehta @nabinhait

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No, public roadmaps aren’t really a thing here. You may occasionally see a post like that. However, it’s not a promise or guarantee you’ll see it again.

ERPNext is basically:

  • Open Source
  • Open Contribution
  • Closed Governance
    • I’m not sure the exact model: single leader, single corporation, self-appointing council, or some combination of those.
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“No Central Governance” is closer to the truth. There is no “official” roadmap, but left to individual maintainers to push changes they want. Maintainers are both from Frappe and outside as well. Even within Frappe there is a high degree of autonomy for the maintainers. So far this seems to be working.