Does Full Backup of Ubuntu work for ERPNext

I want to know if its possible to do a full backup of Ubuntu and then restore it on an other machine. Will the ERPNext work fine that way?

@Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi If you are using Virtual Box, then you can export full ubuntu and restore it in another machine.

You can also take backup of database and restore it on another ubuntu.

Thank you for the quick response. Actually I have installed ubuntu on a machine and not on a virtual box. More over I have added some new custom built modules. Installing a fresh ERPNext and restoring wont get me those modules again and more over the database wont be supported either.
What do you suggest in that scenario.

google for something for something like “clone entire Linux machine” or “clone entire hard disk”
If I remember correctly I found a pretty good howto on the Arch Linux Wiki a while back.

EDIT: … maybe it was that one Disk cloning - ArchWiki or Disk cloning - ArchWiki

disclaimer: I think they use dd to clone a disk in that how-to … so you need to be super careful with choosing the if (input file) and of (output file) options. If you do that the wrong way around you’ll remove your whole system

Maybe there are other options with clonezilla or similar tools

Thank you