Does PayPal Integration App work with V7?

Hi guys,

is the paypal integration app updated? will it work with v7?
I can install it in v7.
I’ve tried payments. It didn’t work for me. I think a lot of things are missing.
Anybody know much about this, please share it here.


Are you getting any error messages? If yes please share them.

Paypal is already a part of the core Frappe framework in the latest.

I was about to post a topic on the same and noticed this thread. I can’t seem to get paypal integration to work in v7. When I try to enable the paypal integration, I get an error message Payment Gateway Account not created, please create one manually, however I have a good payment gateway account document created with my API Username, API password and Signature copied and pasted from the paypal site.

Ideas? No other error message shown and can’t find anything in logs either.

@James_Robertson I think you need to create an account for PayPal and then link it to Paypal Settings

@saurabh6790 can you look at this?

@rmehta I did that. I was able to get it to work with some fiddling with the docs. It is not really intuitive. Now I need to figure out how to enable sandbox so I can test.