Does Point of Sale works with Item Price Lists?


First of all, I’d like to thank the members for reading this topic and creating this awesome software!

Now, I’m trying to use the POS (point of sale) page to make sales on my local store, and I’m having issues for products that have multiple prices. For instance, I have 3 types of customers, and for the same item, we have 3 different rates.

So, to solve that, we have created different Item Prices for each Price List that applies for each Customer Group. Example:

  • Let’s say customer “Karen” is part of “Direct” customer group.
  • We have then “Direct Pricing List”, and it applies to all customers inside “Direct” customer group.
  • Now we have customer “Bob” that is part of “Indirect” customer group.
  • We also have a “Indirect Pricing List” and it applies to all customers inside “Indirect” customer group.
  • For each item that has different prices, we set a rate for the “Indirect Pricing List” and another rate for “Direct Pricing List”.

Now, on the POS page, only the default price list is loaded for all customers. If we pick a customer from the non-default Pricing List, the price does not get updated.

I tried setting up a Pricing Rule, and that works as expected, but now I have 3000 items set up with Pricing List and that was a lot of work.

Does Pricing Lists work with the POS?

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You could create one main price that would be highest.

For each type of customer you guys can decide to use 3 types of discounts.

Customer 1 → 0% - This would be highest price
Customer 2 → x% (lets say 10%)
Customer 3 → y% (lets say 20%)

now for each type of customer you can have 3 different prices (using discounts)

one drawback is that you cant have custom discounts for each item but this would be easier to manage.

Another option is to create 3 different POS Profiles (Customer1, Customer 2 and Customer 3) with associated price list. The drawback is cash counting might be a problem.

Hello @dd_all,

Yeah, but percentage base discount does not work since different products have different rates for different costumers, and they do not align percent wise. So product A costs 10 for client 1, and costs 9 for client 2, while product B costs 20 for client 1, and costs 15 for client 2. I think the first solution does not work.

Also, the second solution now we have a problem of closing the register, it can create some confusion that I was trying to avoid.

Furthermore, the second solution will be somewhat hard to maintain, since product C has 2 rates, one for each customer type, while product D only has one rate (for client 1), but the client 2 purchases this product even at high price.

So I do not know how to proceed without using invoices, which will take so much time of the cashier (the reason I was trying to improve on the current system).

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Have you found the solution?

We are using Pricing Rules, which was a pain to setup, and will be even harder to maintain.

I even checked POS Awesome that has Pricing List support, but it’s on ERPNext 14.