Does Process Payroll doctype deprecated in latest update?

Fresh installed ERPNext and found Process Payroll doctype is deprecated. Then, I cross-checked either it is a bug or really deprecated from ERPNext. I researched a little bit, and found a commit by @shreya115 here, removed process payroll doctype .

May I know, any special reason for removing this feature? or this feature is merged into another or newer version is about to come? Please help.

Based on the commit you cite, it seems that Process Payroll has been replaced with Payroll Entry :slight_smile:


Oh Thanks, I hadn’t noticed that. I can see Payroll Entry in the latest update. But, it’s not yet updated on file, so not listed here on Human Resource page.

So, another question arises here, why Process Payroll page turned into Payroll Entry Doctype? I know, it would be an enhancement, but is there any specific cause, which helps to learn about this change.

Hi, Process Payroll has been turned into Payroll Entry as Process Payroll was a single type DocType which wasn’t submittable, so it has been deprecated.
Will also update in Thanks