Does Scrap % mentioned in the BOM deducts from actual qty

Hi Everyone,

I just want to check one thing, does scrap % mentioned in the BOM included in the actual qty. or we need to add the scrap % qty. in the item consumption qty.

For e.g.
Item X
Actual Usage: 10 mtr.
Scrap: 10%
So, should I mention 10 mtr. as consumption and 10% as scrap or
I mention 11 mtr. as consumption and 10% as scrap?

Ruchin Sharma

The scrap is only there for info, I think we were planning to fix this.

@rmehta, how are the boms working these days? I have the same question regarding scrap. What do we enter in the BOM item quantity field? How much we have to buy or how much we use of that item in order to produce the new item?