Domain of ecommerce first


I would like to start with ecommerce and not a login page.

If possible I would like to maintain a structure close to that: ← EPRNEXT Backend
or ← EPRNEXT Backend ← Frontend (ecommerce)

I hope you understand, sorry for my English

Sorted out.
The first access leads to the login, after entering the initial data the first page accessed is HOME.
How I wish.
But I would still like to put


If is set up how you want, you can add as an additional domain as described here:

Then, you could edit your nginx conf file to forward calls to to

That should work, if I understand what you’re trying to do

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I really liked this solution.
But I will not use, because /desk will still exist.
However this should server to redirect http:// to https://.

Is it possible to then login only on, and prevent

It is probably possible to do that using server directives, but I don’t really understand what the goal is.

The simplest solution would probably be just to hide the login menu item and have desk users go directly to the login URL.