Don't show user name in reply emails


I’ve created an email domain and reply email account. I assigned the reply email account to append all it’s incoming mail to issue module. I can receive and send emails.

The problem is, when i reply to an email the name of the sender displayed in the reply mail was the user who reply to it, not the name “Replies”. how to make it like the Notification Email Account? notification email account when used in email alert it displayed “Notification” in the name of the email.

Hope someone gets what i mean and help me.

Thanks a lot in advance :grin::grin::grin:


Have you set any value in " reply_to=None," of your code ??

Hi @NikitaD30,

Sorry im not using any customized code. I just used the setup module of erpnext.

update to this

I think I’ve seen this before too. Best to raise a bug but describe in full detail with screenshots exactly what you are seeing and what you believe you should be seeing. Also state which version you are using

Hello @Julian_Robbins!

I’ve already created a new issue. here is the link.

any update on this?