Don't want to generate invoice a few products, any alternatives for raw billings?

At my shop, I don’t want to generate a few products which neither falls in tax category nor can be including in invoice generated for other products. I might couldn’t explain the situation properly but understand my feelings what I want to say.

Condition 1: I have a shop which is Grocery Store. Agro products couldn’t fall in tax category. Neither I want to keep their billing or any estimation. While along Grocery Products, I have a few general products as well. They need to be billed. I agree to generate their billings for my customers. In short, I willing to escape some products or list from weekly or monthly statement, which is irrelevant for tax estimation.
But, this is also not possible if a buyer purchase 10 products and I have to give bills for 8 products and rest 2 products not to include in invoice generated. I must have to take amount for generated bills, not like 8 products billed and remaining 2 products calculated on calculator and a raw bill generate for those 2 products.

Condition 2: Suppose I have reputed Gold shop, every product has to be invoiced by laws. But, few shopkeeper doesn’t earn that much that their all income goes in tax payments. Similarly above situation, few products I have to generate invoices for my customers, but I don’t want to pay their tax to authorities, but still have to generate bills. In monthly statements, they shouldn’t be included while paying tax.

In short, any window or option that only generated Invoice for printing but their records not to be stored or should be separately maintained. POSSIBLE?

Actually, above situations are of my fellow friends. One is having Genral Store & another is having gold shop, when I encourage them by providing bills, motivating them with movement of Digital India. Both of requested, same situations.

The ERPNext community does not encourage tax evasion.

Here’s my advice for your friends:
Instead of trying to find ways to minimise tax expense, you should try to increase your Sales and consequently Income by using powerful software like ERPNext. This way, apart from having a clear conscience, they can spend their precious time on what really matters: business growth.

TLDR: If your profits are great, you need not worry about sharing them with the government.


I loved your reply. I strongly agree with you, even support tax evasion, as per above said.

But, I think there are a few products, a seller don’t want to include to statement while buyer wants invoice for that. I’m not only considering “Tax Evasion”, while considering another alternative of raw billing, which is already popular in India and admire it, Each & Every Seller are doing this.

I want to focus that era of billing, which might concluded yet with this powerful software. If exist, please propose solution for this.