Doppio Bot - Frappe Integration

Hi @Nagaria Hussain

I tried doppio bot in my frappe app. I installed successfully i have redis error.


Response Data

	"exception": "redis.exceptions.ConnectionError: Error 111 connecting to localhost:6379. Connection refused."

For my frappe app /etc/redis/redis.conf
it's running in port 11000 
# port 6379
port 11000

How to solve the error

Thank you

And also while installing i got some error

While installing chat open ai

ERROR: pip’s dependency resolver does not currently take into account all the packages that are installed. This behaviour is the source of the following dependency conflicts.
frappe 15.0.0.dev0 requires tenacity~=8.0.1, but you have tenacity 8.2.2 which is incompatible.


react-markdown@8.0.6" has unmet peer dependency “@types/react@>=16”.

This is fixed in a new release: Release v1.0.1 · NagariaHussain/doppio_bot · GitHub

Will fetch from Conf automatically now.

Did you get this while running get-app? BTW you can try installing Python requirements again by running

bench setup requirements

This is just warning, you can ignore this.

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okay thankyou sir. It’s working now. Had you written any blog regarding react using in frappe. I want to learn how to use react in frappe. I tried frappe-react-sdk i installed but i don’t know how to use.
Whether npx create-react-app to be done or using frappe-react-sdk in our existing frappe app. If any blogs or tutorial available kindly share it sir.
Thank you

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Not yet, but it’s in the works! :man_running:

Cc: @nikkothari22