Double Exchange Gain and Loss

Dear All,

We have create Import PO. USD

While making an PO its in USD

Ex. USD Rate :- 1$ = 60 Rs.

PO-0001 :- Qty 1 , Total :- 100$ , INR - Rs 6000

Its Import Purchase so we created a Payment entry against PO-0001.

While making Payment Entry $ Dollar rate is may be changes i.e 1$= 61 Rs

System will give us option for Set up Exchange gain and loss Entry. i.e difference of amount while making payment entry.

All going fine .

But now,

When Material is arrived at Warehouse,

Step is Creation of Purchase Receipt. ok.

While making Purchase Invoice we change the Dollar rate as when material Received in India. that is eg. 1$ = 63 Rs.

we fetched Advanced Payment entry its gives us error message Credit and debit amount cannot be equal. Against Payment entry.

As far as I know there is no way around this. If you have a multicurrency payment and invoice with different exchange rates, the only way to apply the payment to the invoice is when making the payment document, as this is the only screen that lets you write-off the difference to a separate account.

I think multicurrency management still needs a lot of work for ERPNext, problems like this make it very difficult to manage overseas suppliers/customers sufficiently.

is there any other solutions for it ?