Double Ledger Parties (Customer / Supplier as same party)

Hi, I have made a custom app please have a look and comment

Double Ledger Management

App to accommodate parties that act as both customers and suppliers in ERPNEXT

Many times we see that a we buy from the same customer we sell our products to and vice versa. In that case it becomes tedious to operate two different ledgers and put adjustment entries manually. Adding manual entries leads to human error. This app will will take care of such accounts.


This is a good solution :slight_smile:, thanks for sharing!


Thank you for your appreciation. I am your student and fan as well. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for working on this. Any vision on merging this to the core?


smart solution!

After installing this app - does it even out credit and debit for previous transactions? Or only for future transactions?

Only for the future transactions

Hello @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi, @rmehta
please how do i install it on my ERPNEXT V12? i am new to erpnext but if properly guided i can be able to do it.

Hi @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi is it possible to use the open sales invoice as a payment for the open purchase invoice on the payment entry? so that both invoices will be paid?

It is not possible through payment entry

@ponyooooo, what @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi says is right, it’s not possible using “Payment Entry”, but you should make a Journal Entry for that case

Thank you for the response. But how should I create a journal entry? What entries should be made? Will it not remove the status paid of 1 invoice?

Thank you so much @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi.
It works with me and creates adjusting entries successfully. But I have one big problem with cancelling invoices.
When I try to cancel a purchase invoice, I get a message to device to cancel the adjusting entry as below:

But when I click to cancel, nothing happen, and I get a message that the Journal entry is linked.

I can’t also cancel the entry as it is linked with the invoice.
What part of the code can I check to solve this issue?

Please look the code here.

A PR has been generated to merge this feature to ERPNext

Kindly review

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Yes, this is the part of code that I checked, but couldn’t find the reason why my system doesn’t cancel the invoice and the Adjusting Journal entry as explained in my previous comment here

I guess it is a bug in the code.

Or do I miss something in the installation? Or there must be some other modifications in the ERPNext and Frappe Apps?

Dear @ Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi
I wish if you can comment on that issue as it stops me from utilizing the “Double Ledger Parties” with ERPNext

This functionality has been released as a feature. You can find it in the latest v13.


Thank you so much Sir, testing and works well. great job.

My pleasure

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Thanks a lot @Mohammad_Ahmad_Zulfi, this is very much appreciated!