Doubling of item in work order created from BOMs

I’m having an issue regarding creating of work orders from BOM.

I have a few BOM’s where this issue present.

Basically in the BOM’s in question, I have a few items included, for example, Item 1 - 2 qty, Item 2 - 2 qty and Item 3 - 2 qty. This is what I have set in the BOM to produce the Finished Good.

When I create a work order from this BOM Item 1’s qty is being doubled so its showing 4 in the work order, while Item 2 and 3 remain at 2. If I try to make 2 of the finished good then it will show Item 1 - 8 qty then Items 2 and 3 - 4 qty.

If I create a new BOM to include Item 1 in combination with any other Items, it is always being doubled when I go to create a work order.

This issue is happening with a few items, and its always the same items that are being doubled every time.

Any help is appreciated.


Have you set anything with sub-assemblies or exploded items?

Exploded Items are the same as what is included in the BOM item table. Same values and items. They were pulled automatically on creation of the BOM and they havent been adjusted.
Sub-assembly also hasnt been edited but is selected, I’ve tried eith it being disabled too to no difference. Previously these BOM have worked but recently are now starting to do what is mentioned above.