Doubt about dropbox backup

Hi Guys ,

I am a ERPNEXT open source user , and I just did exactly as explained in the below link , ,

everything went on smoothly , I have a doubt , I set the backup frequency as daily in the setting , at what time will the backup take place , I will shut down the server daily at 2 pm . When will the backup take place ? Please someone let me know about this .

Thanks in advance

@ragav midnight (12AM) backup will taken and uploaded to dropbox.
You can also do customization, you can add button on dropbox backup and upon clicking on button dropbox backup will take.

frappe.ui.form.on("Dropbox Backup", "refresh", function(frm){
		frm.add_custom_button(__("Take Backup"), function() {{
				method: "frappe.integrations.doctype.dropbox_backup.dropbox_backup.take_backups_dropbox",
				freeze: true,
				freeze_message: __("Taking backup"),
				callback: function(r){
					if(!r.exc) {
						frappe.msgprint(__("Backup taken successfully"));
					} else {
						frappe.msgprint(__("Error while taking backup. <br /> " + r.exc));

Reference: [V7] Manual Dropbox Backup? - #7 by revant_one


Works like a charm @kolate_sambhaji . Many thanks for the help.

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