Doubts on implementing on a Biotech Manufacturing

Hi all,

I’m using ERPNext on the server version, trying to understand its capabilities and “how to use”. At first, I would like to praise the work very much, as I see the system as appropriate as possible, considering the complexities of an ERP and ease of use, as well as flexibility.

Having said that, I have some doubts:

  1. As a biotechnology industry, I need to be compliant with some quality standards. I would very much like to have control of my quality system in the system. It would be possible? I see there is a document module, but still, it would need some modifications, to work with quality management. I saw that there are 2 options so far: Athenolabs and _

  2. I have encountered some difficulties, set up the system. I enter users, employees, items, but I can not enter budget information or change COA. Some items, such as item descriptions, for example, need to be changed in forms. Should I change my developer version to be able to perform these changes? Then, once I run them, should I change back to production?

  3. I can not insert new accounts. It always asks me to change the name without a field for it.

Thank you!

Once you have the first few items entered in by stepping through the forms, you can go to the Setup module and select “Data Import / Export” then search the drop down box for “Item”

Once you have selected “Item” click on the button to download template with data. This will give you an excel spreahsheet of the current Items. You can then create the rest of the items you want in your system on the spreadsheet and then re-import it back into the system. It allows you to push a few thousand at a time.

This same process works for Customers, Suppliers, Addresses, Etc.

Hope this helps…


Oh yeah… if you are running this on a local server box, your ability to push a few thousand my be limited by the amount of resources you have in the server box.

When I was first experimenting, my local box only had 2 gb of memory and I could only push about 800 items at a time.

Hope this helps…


@xickomesquita , I forgot to welcome you to the forum and ERPNext!

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Welcome to our discussions.

I also wanted to let you know upfront that ERPNExt is not really ISO9000 compliant. It may never really get to that point due to the speed at which everything here moves and improves. ERPNext is on a constant growth curve and documentation is sometimes quite far behind actual product versions.

However, there are way for you to use ERPNext to accomplish your goal of manufacturing for the Biotech Industry.

  • You would likely have to pick a starting point, load up the current version of ERPNext and begin documenting how you use the system so that you can fulfill those requirements.

  • The Quality Control module in ERPNext is probably not advanced enough for your needs, but it is easily modified to suit your needs. For this you can do the development work yourself or pay a developer team to do this for you.

  • If you still have a separate Quality Control system that you like and wish to continue to use, that is also an option. To do this ERPNext has a function called “Workflows” which will allow you to set stopping points for just about any process and force the process to wait for an “Approval” from another authority like a Quality Manager. By using this Workflow function, you could allow an external QC process to work outside of ERPNext (until you get the module developed to your needs) and it would only continue when the outside QC function is completed and the Quality Manager approves the process to move forward.

Anyway… There are many ways to make this work. I just wanted to get your mind thinking in more directions so you can have a better understanding of how flexible this may be.


@xickomesquita Welcome to ERPNext. Go through the posts and you would probably have more answers on how to go about getting your task done.

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I did it!

My point is about how things appear to the user (specifically talking about items)

Please see the below pictures:

When I select the item, it appear the code, category, and after the description.

I wanna change to appear only the description. I believe I have to change my system to developer mode, and will be able to change this spec on the frappe… Is that right?

After, when the list is created, It appear the below situation:

As you can see, it appear, on line 1, just the code. How to change it to the description? To the user, is much better to see the description… At least for mine users…!!

Thanks for your help!

I don’t what ERPNext compliant!! :slight_smile: I want to rule my process compliant…

Thanks @Muzzy I did’t a lot in the past two weeks… Thats why I believe the ERPNext is the best software to use at my company!

I understand that I will have to change my install to developer mode, understand how to change the list view. I don’t know well how to do it in google console… next steps… Thanks!!

No, you don’t need developer mode for this.

First you need to know that the Item Code is really required to look things up in the Material Request. If you want to change the way the table looks for placing items in the Material Request, you need to go to the Awesome Bar (the little search bar at top of every ERPNExt screen) and type in Customize then select Customize Form from the list of items that drops down from the bar.

In the Customize Form page you want to work on “Material Request Item”

This will take you to the screen where you can make changes to how the Material request table appears. This is only for the table portion of the material request. If you want to change other parts of the material request you would select just “Material Request” from the Customize Form screen.

You will need to do a little more research on how to use this part of the system, but it is much easier to modify the looks of things from here than it is to try redevelop the module.

Hope this helps…


Awesome!! I’ll do it!!

Thanks a lot!!

I was able to do it, in the material request. Trying to do it at purchase item list, and it wasn’t changing!

I did what is explained here:

Hi, please try in the Customize Form “Enter Form Type” Purchase Order Item choose “description” field and change “In List View” property and then Update. but it possible that other row from table will be hidden.

Can you help?

I did it! I wasn’t loggint out, to restart. Now its working! Thanks!

I love to hear about good results from new users!!

That is how we grow our user base :sunglasses:



you can also hit the reload button in the top bar menu

instead of logging in out and back in again…
that should display your changes/customisations