Down-payment payments on purchase invoice

Hi how do i create partial payments(not by means of partial quantity) of purchase order? Usually this is for a 30% down-payment for example.
I cannot create a 0.3 units of a certain item =).
Any thoughts?

You can record payment against Purchase Order by creating a Payment Entry from Purchase Order and then fetch it as advance in Purchase Invoice


Thank you will try that…

@Manan_Shah, ok the issue is if I submit a full priced invoice it already books the full VAT amount… if we dont submit we cannot submit a Bank Payment without a linked invoice… any ideas? Thanks

Link the payment to Purchase Order and not Purchase Invoice, then only fetch the Payment Entry in Purchase Invoice

You mean journal entry or payment entry? We could not create a payment_entry without a linked submitted purchase_invoice. pls advise

Please refer the below screenshots

Hope this helps


Thank You that is very clear… !
We need to book partial VAT maybe thats the issue… No worries we will do manual entry hahaha…

Create a Purchase invoice for partial amount, let us say your total PI value is $1000, make a PI for $500 and the system will fetch/set VAT proportionately.

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Hi sorry for slow response… if you can share a video would be great. As far as i know PI needs to fetch items from PO. there is no way to do partial Pricing from the items. Thanks!