Downgrade to Version 13 from 13.9.2

I was trying to update to version 13 but due to an error i have accidently updated to erpnext 13.9.2
erpnext_helper 0.0.1
frappe 13.9.1
now it is giving me hell of errors in production, can someone help me in how i can downgrade?

What was your previous version? Where you on the initial release 13.0.0 ?

No its was 12.7

run bench switch-to-branch v12.7.0

Then restore backup of database from v2.7.0

but i want to switch to 13

Iā€™m confused. Do you want to downgrade to an early version of 13 or are you trying to upgrade to the latest version of 13?

sorry for confusion , i want to downgrade to last stable version which is 13 i think

Okay latest version 13.12.1

Make sure you on on branch version-13 for frappe and erpnext.
Then run bench update

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thanks ! and how i can check which is last stable version?

Under releases you will see the latest version

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thanks alot :slight_smile: