Download a backup

hi, from a remote server I have to download a backup to transfer to another server. I can only use commands from the management panel.
Can you help me?

Go to “Open Download Backups” by typing in the global search box “Download” and then click on "download backup with files " button top right OR just download the links available if you want only database.

you’re right but I have to download folders as well “private” and “public”

using only terminal commands

The following command will generate a backup of your database with files in a .tar.gz

bench --site sitename backup --with-files

Instead of downloading to a local box and then re-uploading to another server, why not use the ‘scp’ command?

See this post for an example:

The scp command is a secure way to transfer files directly from one internet cloud server to another without having to do the really long process of downloading and re-uploading. It takes me about 30 seconds to move everything between servers.

In fact I have these commands and several others built into a complete backup script that not only runs the backup but then transfers it along with the support files (private & public) to two other servers and the entire process happens in less than 2 minutes without me lifting a finger.
Give it a try.


will generate the latest backup or the one from the last 8 hours?