Download All Tables

I am trying to figure out what data goes where so that I can import data into the free cloud version and test whether ErpNext will do what we need.

On this page…
Under “4. Uploading All Tables,” there is this note…
To see how its done, enter a few records manually using forms and export “All Tables” with “Download with Data”

I cannot find the “All Tables.” Am I blind? Or is that option no longer available?

If it is no longer available, is there a way to download all of the tables with data at one time?

Hi @teachernightowl,

Here All table is to reference the child table within master table.
e.g. If you check the Sales Order master you can select the child tables like Sales Order Item, Taxes and Charges, Sales Team etc.

Thanks, Makarand

@makarand_b Thanks for your reply.

Is there a way to get all of the data from all of the tables out in one export? Or do I have to do it one table at a time?


You can use the bench backup to take the full site backup but it will be a database dump if you need the csv then you will need to download the template for each doctype.

Thanks, Makarand

if I download all tables from site A (cloud or selfhosted), and upload them to site B (cloud or selfhosted),
will site B then become an exact copy of site A?

feature request.
Can you add a ‘download selected or all tables’ option (as a zip of csv/excel)?
the user can then opt to download all (or only selected) tables in one go.
this is much less cumbersome than downloading tens of tables one by one