Download and restore backup from Cloud to local virtual machine

We have a cloud account on
I want to create a local instance - just as a back up
Downloaded virtualbox and installed locally. All is OK on the local copy
But I cannot workout how to restore the backup locally

I have downloaded hte .gz file from
Opened frappe and followed the instructions from

Got stuck straight away. As you can see here, I have the local file directory and file name. I entered into frappe with the wget command and I get an error

Can anyone explain?

Maybe try wget and all other commands from within your VM.
First install vagrant box version of ERPNext from github.
Go through ERPNext setup wizard so you can see that VM is working.
Then issue wget and restore commands.
You may need to install gzip in your VM.

Thanks for the reply, but I am very unfamiliar with all this
I have already downloaded VM and installed ERPNExt and it works.
The wget command did not work as shown in the screen print.
I though the VM download of erpnext would contain everything need to operate ERPNEXT. If I need to install gzip into VM can anyone explain how to do that?