Download Line Items

In ver 11 there is a nice feature to download line items from Sales Order and Quotation. I dont understand why it is not available for all the list. It will be nice to have it for Expense Claim so that people who cannot connect to ERPNext instance (due to security) may be able to send the excel format of the claims that can be then uploaded in the system.



instead of uploading via excel or tab delimited text file, the other alternative and more easy way to batch input/create records in child table is directly copy(ctrl + C), then paste Ctrl + V into any input cell , just try!

Thanks @szufisher. It is a very nice and helpful feature. I think it should be publicized more.


Yes, this is just a small new feature in V11.

For folks like me to grasp the precise context of this feature you two refer to here, please what cell where to paste to? Here’s a screenshot or some help video or gif exists to illustrate please and thanks

first it is needed to make the child table in edit mode by click the Add Row button!
for more details and GIF, refer to the original PR

Wonderful, thank you szufisher for that link!