Download Template from Data Import missing Download with Data

ERPNext: v11.1.6 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.6 (master)

There is no option to include data when downloading the template for Data import. I would like to import Lead data and would like to see an example of how to import the linked addresses with the lead.

When you select to create a new import and you select the document type, the next line asks you for the function you wish to perform.

If you select “Insert new records” you will be given the opportunity to only download a template with no data.

If you select “Update existing records” you will be given the opportunity to check the “Include data” box prior to downloading the template.

All of this is determined by your FIRST selection of intent when you start a new import session.

If you always elect the “Update existing records” option, you will be given the option to have data populated in the downloaded template. At this point everything else should work the same as it did in v10.


You could use Data Export tools. It’s available in version 11.

Have not been able to get that to work properly yet. In my version (11.1.4) it doesn’t allow you to select the doc type. Maybe that was fixed recently, I don’t know. I cannot update until my client trial is done.

Also, unless it exports in the same template as the import function, it will be useless as an example tool for building import files.


Thanks @bkm for clarifying how I can download the template with the data. Your process of selecting Update Records worked great!

Now the problem is, the downloaded template, with data in it, does not include linked address information. Is there a way to export and import address information with the lead data?

Thanks again for all of the help!

I am not sure any of the link data is working properly in the import tool. I am also having similar problems with trying to import links to the image files for Items.

I have posted a bug report on the forum. Hopefully we get the attention of the developer for import.


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Thanks @bkm!