[Download] VirtualBox OVA for ERPNext 12 with Bench Manager


I’ve been trying to upgrade from ERPNext 11 to ERPNext 12 and I’ve followed a lot of threads, but each one of them is breaking it.

I tried to find OVAs for version 12, but they aren’t available except for Bitnami’s (Which truth be told, sucks). I found some on Debian, but they are quite large.

If there’s anyone who has made an OVA for ERPNext 12 on Ubuntu, please co-operate.


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We installed the development OVA on Windows 10 VirtualBox 6.0.12, it runs, but breaks on upgrade to version 12. Updated python to version 3.5 and still will not update. Have not been able to troubleshoot further at this time. Get a connection error 111 to port 1300 and would sometimes have it die on cypress update.

I have posted a Debian 10 Buster + ERPNext v12 installation sequence (from scratch/bare metal to completion), and also saved/uploaded its .ova file which is, admittedly, large (~3GB).
Creating one on ubuntu is possible, but the difference in size will be nominal, since ubuntu is based on debian anyway. The above sequence uses a minimal non-GUI install.

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Thanks for your help @tonto and @trentmu! However, I’ve installed ERPNext 12 on Ubuntu 16.04 along with Bench Manager. If anyone would like to use, it’s from scratch (Setup screen). I’ve uploaded it on Mediafire:


Further details:

Port forwarding is set to 4080, 4001, 4022 for ERPNext, Bench Manager and SSH respectively.

Ubuntu Login:
Username: frappe
Password: frappe

MySQL password: frappe

ERPNext & Bench Manager login:
Username: Administrator
Password: admin



the Mediafire link is not working, can you please check it.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry for the inconvenience, could you please check again?


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Thanks for your help Would you send to me installation steps for erpnext

Hello, you only have one year update support.


Ubuntu 16.04 End of Standard Support April 2021

Ubuntu 18.04.3 works without problems, End of Standard Support April 2023.

Why did you have choose Ubuntu 16.04 ?