Downloading csv template

Hi all, according to this link,

I can find csv template in Home > Settings > Data > Import/Export Data

But I can only find the import and export page without downloading template button. I think it’s due to different version between mine and the user manual docs. My erpnext version is v10.1.41. How can I download csv template in my version?


what do you mean? , whats your real concern?

Downloading csv like customer list and other document @Johnrech_Cabatana

You are not able to download?

I haven’t used v10 for a bit, but I think the following process works…

  1. Go to the List that you want (for instance “Customer List” in the Awesome bar)
  2. Choose to Import from the Menu button in the top right hand corner. (It is counter-intuitive but it works.)
  3. Choose to make a New Import
  4. You should see a “Download Template” button in the right hand corner. Click that,
  5. You get a pop-up window that has “Columns” (select ALL) and File Type (default is Excel, but you can choose CSV)
  6. … and a checkbox that says, “Download Data”

That should get you an Export. Hope it helps.