Downpayment howto

Hello erpnext users,

I’m left totaly lost with a specific topic that should be very common to most users.
Am I dumb, or blind.
Please, could you explain me how to generate a downpayment invoice from a customer purchase order?
And then how to generate the restpayment invoice?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Check the following link

thank you for the link.
Unfortunately this is too complexe and unusable for me, it does not match my requirements.
I’m waiting now for the release of the new Payment Terms features (Complex Payment Terms - #9 by FredericLeuba).
We want to switch to ERPNext for fiscal year 2018, and this is a must-have that was blocking the decision so far.
Once we jumped to ERPNext, we’ll have some budgets to support paid development on case to case basis.


Sure you can follow the feature on GitHub then.