Drag and drop multiple files


I am trying to implement a multiple file drag and drop feature. It is implemented successfully with multiple dialogues showing for confirming if file is private or public however, that could be tedious/clumsy when uploading 10+ files. So a suggestion was to have one grid with multiple checkboxes. This is also implemented

My fix was to create the new function below, replacing the upload_file function with my function call in the setup_drag_drop function of form.js and file_list.js :

multifile_upload:function(fileobjs, args, opts) {

  var fields = [];

  //loop through filenames and append
       	for (var i =0,j = fileobjs.length;i<j;i++) {
      var filename = fileobjs[i].name;
      fields.push({'fieldname': 'label1', 'fieldtype': 'Read Only', 'label': filename});
  //insert a column break
      fields.push({'fieldtype': 'Column Break'});
  //loop through checkboxes and append

  for (var i =0,j = fileobjs.length;i<j;i++) {
      fields.push({'fieldname': 'is_private', 'fieldtype': 'Check', 'label': 'Private', 'default': 1});
  var d = new frappe.ui.Dialog({
      'title': __('Make file(s) private or public?'),
             'fields': fields,
	     primary_action: function(){
       for (var i =0,j = fileobjs.length;i<j;i++) {
           frappe.upload.upload_file(fileobjs[i], args, opts);
  opts.confirm_is_private =  0


however, there is an issue handling the request somewhere as I get the following error

I don’t have a traceback in my bench console which I know would have been preferable to post up here.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Basically comment contains information about upload activity, like this.

Try console.log to see what you are getting in r.message

same message,

form.min.js:5181 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘comment’ of undefined…

It prints my console.log text and that same error