Drop-down list in the tree format

I’ll take the example of Customer Group to explain the problem.

On the customer list page, these are the filters (see image):

On clicking the Customer Group, a drop-down list of customer groups appears in a sequence for which the source is the Customer Group Tree. And I guess the latest created/modified group appears on the top of the list and the sequence follows this logic.

However, it gets confusing for the data entry user and I want to know whether it is possible to make it appear in the same sequence/fashion as that of the Customer Group Tree.

This will also apply for Supplier Group, Item Group, Warehouse, Sales Person, Territory (All these have tree). They are required at the listing pages (For example: Customer Group in customer list) or while creating the master (for example: customer group, item group, supplier groups are required while creating a new customer, new item and new supplier respectively).

Please help in this regard.