Drop ship, but partial shipment


i have create a sales order of drop shipment, means supplier send the goods to customer directly.

but i cannot make delivery note from sales order.

how can i handle partial shipment case?

If your item is a drop ship item, you do not maintain stock and the supplier delivers it directly, you can raise an invoice but cannot create delivery note as it would be delivered by the supplier. It is unclear what you are trying to achieve, maybe you can explain your use case a little better.

thank you for your reply.

my case is, we are just a trading company and do not keep any stock.

when Customer A place us a order, we open a Sales Order to Customer A which items are drop ship by Supplier B.

then we make a Purchase Order from sales order to Supplier B.

but unlucky, something gone wrong with Supplier B, they cannot ship all the goods on delivery time, they can only ship 50% goods to customer A, and the remaining have to be delayed.

but i cannot make delivery note from Sales Order or Purchase Order because we are not maintain stock, so how to trace the delivery status? and how to handle this case?

We have this exact same issue. Sometimes we have to add or remove an item and even sometimes change the price because our industry changes so rapidly.

Were you able to figure out a workaround @cupuno that worked for your dropship workflow?

Create a Delivery Note and keep in draft stage.
Then created your POs from SO. Once purchase is done then submit your Delivery note. See if this works else might need few minor customizations which has been done in my specific case to make this happen.